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European power battery has another big move!

Date2020-9-8   On Click:324

  • On September 3, the PSA Group and the energy company Total signed an agreement to establish a joint venture company ACC (Auto Battery Company). ACC will be committed to the production of batteries for European electric vehicles. The establishment of the company marks the birth of a major player in the field of European battery production.
    It is understood that ACC will invest 5 billion euros (about 40.4 billion yuan) to build two battery super factories in France and Germany. This 5 billion euro investment will be supported by nearly 1.3 billion euros of public funds from the European Union.

    According to the plan, by 2023, the initial production capacity of the two battery super factories in France and Germany will reach 8GWh and 8GWh respectively. By 2030, the total annual output will reach 48GWh (two 24GWh).

    The market estimates that by 2030, the demand for power batteries in Europe will reach 400GWh (about 15 times the current market), and the 48GWh ACC plant will provide enough batteries for approximately 1 million electric vehicles, with a market share of about 12% .

    OFweek Lithium Grid noted that as early as January this year, four French companies including PSA Group and its sub-brand Opel, Total and its battery manufacturing subsidiary Saft, have established electric vehicle battery manufacturing projects, and plan to invest USD 5.5 billion. . The name of the electric vehicle battery manufacturing project is ACC.

    It now appears that the investment amount has been increased from 5.5 billion U.S. dollars to 5 billion euros, and the ACC is registered as a company from the project. The purpose may be to promote the implementation of the battery super factory as soon as possible.

    In ACC, Total and its battery subsidiary Saft will contribute its expertise in R&D and industrialization, while PSA Group will contribute its knowledge and production experience in the automotive market.

    The car battery company (ACC) plan is:

    · A pilot plant worth 200 million euros will be launched at Saft’s Nersac facility in mid-2021;

    · Starting from 2023, build an 8GWh super factory in Douvrin in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France (and then expand to 16GWh and 24GWh);

    · Established an 8GWh super factory in Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (and then expanded to 16GWh and 24GWh);

    · By 2030, total production will reach 48GWh (2 times 24GWh).

    Carlos Tavares, Chairman of PSA Group, said: "The construction of the European Battery Union we have hoped has become a reality. I would like to pay special tribute to the Total/Saft and Groupe PSA/Opel teams for making this project a reality. ACC Taking Groupe PSA further on the road to carbon neutrality."

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