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Australia invests 14.9 billion yuan to build a super battery factory

Date2020-8-18   On Click:372

  • As the global electrification process accelerates and the energy storage market rapidly heats up, Australia is also expanding its first super battery factory.Foreign media reported that Magnis Energy Technologies, a graphite company headquartered in New South Wales, announced on Monday that the Queensland government approved the company’s plan to build 3 billion Australian dollars (approximately RMB 14.9 billion) in Townsville. Feasibility study of a super lithium battery factory.The Queensland Government has allocated 3.1 million Australian dollars for this.(Approximately RMB 15.44 million) The battery cell factory is built by Imperium3 Townsville (iM3TSV), which has received investment from Magnis, Charge CCCV (C4V) and Boston Energy and Innovation, and will produce 32,700 cylinders in Townsville battery.The plant is planned to start construction in 2022 and put into operation in 2024. The project will be constructed in three phases with a total production capacity of 18GWh, and will be further expanded in accordance with market demand in the future.Magnis said that its partner C4V has already tested its fast-charge battery technology and can charge the battery to 85% within 6 minutes.If Magnis can commercialize this battery technology, it is expected to put Australia in a leading position in the field of power battery technology.Australia is currently one of the world's largest lithium battery energy storage markets. It has built a number of large-scale lithium battery energy storage projects and is also planning new energy storage projects, thereby generating strong demand for lithium batteries.At the same time, Australia also has abundant lithium resources and is one of the most important sources of lithium raw materials in the world, which provides favorable conditions for the construction of large-scale lithium battery factories.

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